pictureIf you are planning a trip to UK in the next couple of months, there are some great offers to be found at, including a stay at the wonderful Bath Priory Hotel, Restaurant and Spa. [ more... ] pictureThe leaning tower of Pisa has lost its distinction as the world's most leaning building. A crooked church in the German village of Suurhusen has been awarded the dubious distinction by the good folks at Guinness. [ more... ] pictureVisiting Canada can be compared to the old line, “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: “One bit at a time.” Kim O'Hare begins a three-part journey to three of Canada's finest cities, beginning in Montreal... [ more... ] pictureLooking for something different to do this summer? Been to all the sun and sand beach destinations? Seen enough galleries and ruins? Then a cycling vacation could be the answer. [ more... ] pictureNew Zealand's South Island shows a wilder side than the more populous North. Aidan Goldstraw hops on the Interislander ferry and concludes his tour of this stunning country. [ more... ] pictureNew Zealand bills itself as the youngest country on earth and the vibrancy and energy which informs the Kiwi attitude gives some credence to that claim. Aidan Goldstraw begins a two-part tour on North Island... [ more... ] pictureCoastal routes have an abiding fascination for the discerning traveller. Aidan Goldstraw takes us on a journey along South Africa's Garden Route. [ more... ] pictureHoliday travellers wondering if their scheduled airline flight is running on time can go to a familiar, if unconventional, source for the information: [ more... ] pictureThere's something about a steam train that lifts the heart and inspires the spirit. It's a mixture of dirty smoke, sooty smells and grimy faces - but as soon as the steam rises, the whistle hoots and the power of the engine is unleashed, you're in another world and another time. [ more... ] pictureWalking up the beach, it seems like this is the closest to paradise you're likely to get this side of the pearly gates. Then you see the lurid poster and cupboard with its container of vinegar. Aidan Goldstraw visits Northern Queensland and lives to tell the tale... [ more... ] pictureIf you're feeling stressed out, burned out and just generally in need of getting away somewhere different, presents a few ideas that might appeal, Jo Finzi thumbs through the brochures on your behalf... [ more... ] pictureIf you hurry, you'll just be in time for tea. The Great White Shark season in South Africa's Cape will be over in October, but until then, there's a chance to stare into the mouth of danger... [ more... ] pictureIf you were one of the folks eagerly awaiting the launch of the final Harry Potter volume The Deathly Hallows, why not visit the French wizardry festival this month. It's the Sorcerer's Fair in Bué-en-Sancerre. Held on 5th August this year, it's an annual event set up to celebrate the local activities of wizards and sorcerers. [ more... ] pictureThe Edinburgh Festival has been voted the number one tourist experience in the UK according to readers of the Rough Guide series. It now tops the list of 25 tourist experiences in the UK and Ireland including activities like, surfing in Newquay, experiencing the Glastonbury Festival and hiking in Snowdonia. [ more... ] pictureWe're off to Canyonland, as Aidan and Vikki Goldstraw wind up their epic American road trip with visits to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. It all ends up with a hectic last few days in crazy Las Vegas... [ more... ] pictureFancy a carnival this month? Then head for St Lucia's from 16th-17th. It's the wildest event on the island... [ more... ] pictureFor a bracing break, here's a great idea for horse and rider. It's a refreshing change from trudging around the paddocks or the local well-beaten track. Horses do like to be beside the seaside, especially on a wide-open beach with the sea spray drifting in on a fresh onshore breeze. [ more... ] pictureWith a cloud of political uncertainty hanging over some parts of the world, many people will be looking for something different for their summer vacation. Maybe this summer won't be about sandy beaches, or golf courses or museums. Maybe it is time to get active, without risking life and limb. Kim O'Hare reports... [ more... ] pictureThinking of visiting the UK this summer? If it’s beaches you’re looking for, check out the Good Beach Guide website at [ more... ] pictureWhatever you say about Google, staff at the search engine giant are not without a certain sense of humour. Try this little experience... [ more... ] pictureAmerica is so huge, its landscape and climate so varied, that you can go from shivering to sweating within a day's drive. Aidan Goldstraw continues his US road trip and does just that... [ more... ] pictureThe legs are long, the eyes are big, the bodies curvaceous. Contestants in this Saudi-style beauty pageant have all the features you might expect anywhere else in the world, but with one crucial difference -- the competitors are camels. [ more... ] pictureTony Bennett famously left his heart there - one trip to San Francisco may leave you understanding his apparent carelessness. Aidan Goldstraw and his wife Vikki called there on the first stop of an epic American adventure... [ more... ] pictureMany people will be heading off for winter vacations soon. Whether your winter expedition involves skiing, snowboarding, trekking or even winter camping, they all have one think in common - a cold environment... [ more... ] pictureWith Ski destinations across Europe getting off to a week start due to a lack of snow many people in search of the perfect skiing holiday set off for North America and for the most part they have not been disappointed. [ more... ] pictureThis month is a time for sending your loved one flowers, so why not take her on a special trip instead? Jo Finzi sets the scene for two getaways with a distinctly floral theme... [ more... ] pictureMore flowery characters can be found this month at Perth's International Arts Festival, held from 9th February to 4th March. You can see a stunning and spectacular programme this year... [ more... ] pictureIf you're feeling a bit chilly, why not visit Lerwick for the "Up Helly Aa" on 30th January? It's Britain's most magnificent fire festival, featuring the burning of a Viking galley. [ more... ] pictureNow is the time to detox after a hectic festive season. Some of you may want to try a spa getaway to kick-start that more healthy lifestyle, so here's a couple of ideas to galvanise you into action... [ more... ] pictureIf you're planning to send Elvis a birthday card this year, the date to remember is 8th January - but we understand he's left the building. He would have been 72 this year and every January, at his old home Graceland, there are celebrations to mark his birthday... [ more... ] pictureLook out for the Bikaner Camel Festival in Rajastan on 2nd and 3rd of January. The festival kicks off with an amazing procession of camels dressed up in their finery. There's even a beauty competition! [ more... ] pictureWant to try something new this New Year? If you feel like a trip down under, the Falls Festival is a camping and music festival held on the beautiful Falls Festival Farm in the Otway rainforest from 30th December to 1st January every year. [ more... ] pictureGet into the Christmas spirit with a visit to London this month. The UK's capital city is ablaze with Christmas decorations, including the famous Oxford Street/Regent Street display. [ more... ] pictureDepending on your interests, November can be a great time to travel. As it's off season in many parts of the world, airfare and accommodation rates are relatively low and if you pick your spots, there is still a lot to see and do. [ more... ] pictureIf you're into all things spooky and didn't get enough ghostly activity this halloween, why not celebrate Mexico's famous day of the dead festival - el diia de los muertos - on 1st and 2nd of November. [ more... ] pictureThere aren't many tourist spectacles in the world that are free. However, every year there is a riot of colour and scenery available absolutely for free in North America - Kim O'Hare reports... [ more... ] pictureIf there's any doubt that summer is officially over, the celebration of Oktoberfest around the world is proof positive. From Munich to Sidney Australia, from Hong Kong to Kitchener, Canada Oktoberfest celebrations are in full swing. So, what's it all about, what exactly is Oktoberfest? [ more... ] pictureIt's the promise of mists and mellow fruitfulness that makes this season something special. The sights of russet coloured trees standing silent awaiting winter, the sounds of fallen leaves rustling underfoot and the smells of distance wood-smoke make walking in autumn woodland an unforgettable experience. [ more... ] pictureBritish Airways will have new local freephone numbers from Monday 18th September. We have the latest details... [ more... ] pictureFor those in search of a tropical paradise this autumn, Barbados remains the idyllic island of choice for many seasoned jetsetters. More "English" than the rest of the Caribbean, the islanders have happily adopted a few English customs – notably cricket... [ more... ] pictureFed up with the same old travel destinations? Kim O'Hare comes up with some fresh ideas as he continues his survey of some of the world's wildest, wackiest and just plain weird museums. [ more... ] pictureWhen a country has as much coastline as this, there's really only way to see it - get on a boat. Ever since a brief and fogbound press trip to Norway with the RAF as a cub reporter, I'd longed to return. Pining for the fjords, as you might say... [ more... ] pictureAmsterdam is a city of contradictions. One minute you're soaking up the stern architecture of its robust protestant past, the next you're coughing fit to bust as you inhale the more tangible evidence of its liberal present, passing one of its many "coffee shops". [ more... ] pictureFor many people, travel represents an opportunity to expand their horizons. In fact, just about every city has a notable museum or gallery that springs to mind. But there are hundreds, if not thousands of interesting and unusual collections, most of them in obscure, out of the way cities and towns around the world. And some of them are, to be blunt, pretty weird. Kim O'Hare investigates... [ more... ]
imageLas Vegas is still the premier gaming destination in North America, but with casinos springing up in cities and towns across the USA and Canada, Vegas has been forced to reinvent itself. While the emphasis is still on gaming, Las Vegas has evolved into a family destination, a place that’s a lot more than flashing lights and rolling dice, although there is still plenty of both. [ more... ]
imageMalta is a classic example of the adage that size doesn’t matter. It’s rich in culture, history and the arts. There’s a pleasant Mediterranean climate and the Maltese people extend a warm welcome. It’s also easily accessible from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and yet it’s moderately priced compared to other European seaside destinations. [ more... ]
imageGet an authentic taste of Malta in the comfort of your own home, with our recipes for Lampuki Pie and Octopus Stew. [ more... ]
imageThere are many reasons for Cancún's popularity as a tourist destination including: its gorgeous beaches with clear turquoise waters, excellent resort hotels offering a full range of amenities and modern facilities, gourmet restaurants, vibrant night life, great shops, and nearby Mayan ruins. [ more... ]
VictoriaIt might be a slight exaggeration to say Victoria, located on Vancouver Island in Canada's British Columbia, is more British than Britain. But one thing is certain - Victoria is unlike any other part of Canada. In fact, snow is a rare occurrence in the West Coast capital and you are more likely to spot flowers in February than you are snowdrifts. [ more... ]
Whale breachingMost people associate whale watching with Australia and other South Pacific destinations but some of the best whale watching areas in the world are at the top end of the Pacific, the coastal areas off British Columbia, Canada. And it’s the same whales, the ones that cruise Australia! What’s unique about Canadian whale watching is that it can often be done from shore. [ more... ]
imageHere's everything you need to know about Victoria - getting there, getting around, when to visit, what's on etc. [ more... ]