Return to sender?

By Jo Finzi

If you’re planning to send Elvis a birthday card this year, the date to remember is 8th January - but we understand he’s left the building. pictureHe would have been 72 this year and every January, at his old home Graceland, there are celebrations to mark his birthday.

The event kicks off with a dance from 8pm to midnight on 5th January at Graceland Plaza (across the road from the mansion), with Argo, the DJ from Elvis radio, spinning the discs.

This year passionate Elvis vocalist Terry Mike Jeffrey is joined by The King’s old backing group The Imperials. They’re performing live on the evening of 6th January at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts. pictureThe next two days are full of Elvis events, including tours around Graceland (pictured), home to the King for 20 years. The mansion contains a myriad of rooms extravagantly decked out in homage to 70s interior design, including the famed Jungle Room, (decorated by Elvis himself) an African-style abode complete with running waterfall and shaggy floor, walls and ceiling.

For Elvis fans hungry for more, the Walk a Mile in My Shoes film in the Bijou Theater reiterates the story of Elvis’ extraordinary career. The souvenir shops - strategically forming the exit of each exhibit - are almost certain to tempt even the most obstinate of visitors.

The 8th January features the Elvis Day Ceremony on the front lawn of Graceland. This year the US Army will present the Presley Estate with a special certificate and medal, earned but never received by Elvis, in recognition of his service with the army.

Admission is free and complimentary birthday cake and coffee will be served at The Chrome Grille across the street following the ceremony.

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