Head for the beach

By Jo Finzi

Thinking of visiting the UK this summer? If it’s beaches you’re looking for, check out the Good Beach Guide website at http://www.goodbeachguide.co.uk/UAEasy.com picture

Click on the map for a list of beaches in the area you’re visiting, then choose a beach and you’ll find all the info you need about how to get there, what’s worth seeing in the area, and how clean the water is.

All you need to know, after all that, is what the weather’s like for the UK.  Just go to http://www.metcheck.com/V40/UK/HOME/ for all the regional weather. This site has an amusing section where readers give you a description of the weather from their window. You shouldn’t be surprised at this seemingly strange activity - it’s a well-known fact that the English just love to talk about the weather.

Want to see what the place looks like? Go to this link for a sample view from Multimap.com. They have aerial views of the whole of UK, and this one shows Torquay – home of the UK’s best known seaside hotel Fawlty Towers (also known as the Gleneagles!)

Want to go further afield and see whatever holiday destination you’ve chosen looks like from space? Wherever you’re going this year, just download Google Earth

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