Don't stop the carnival pictureFancy a carnival this month? Then head for St Lucia’s from 16th-17th. It’s the wildest event on the island as, each year, crowds of carnival-goers throng through the street of the island’s capital Castries. Colourful Caribbean-costumed performers sway to the latest soca and calypso hits.

The calypso competition is the crescendo of the carnival season, where the island’s premier performers pit their lyrical and musical abilities against each other to win the coveted Calypso Monarch title. The run-up begins months in advance, with competitors performing nightly for audiences eager to hear the latest sounds.

There’s also a beauty queen competition, a steel band competition called Panorama and a King and Queen of the Band competition, where band members compete in elaborate costumes before a panel of judges. Jammed in there is a “jam” featuring top soca acts from all around the Caribbean. pictureThe climax is a kaleidoscope of colour and sound on Carnival Tuesday when all the costumed bands take to the streets for a day of full-on fun. Be there!

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