Urban golf to the fore

By Jo Finzi

UAEasy.com pictureFancy a spot of golf on your next trip to London? If you’re stuck in the centre of the city you can still get that quick golf fix. In fact you can play 52 of the world’s greatest courses without leaving town.

Urban Golf opened in 2004, with six simulators in its Soho premises so golfers could experience playing famous courses such as St Andrews and Valderrama (pictured) during their lunch hour. The concept was so successful that Urban Golf opened a new venue last year at Smithfield.

To play, you have to strike your ball towards a projected image of the hole on the chosen course. The simulator uses two infrared pulses to measure speed and spin, and shows on screen what would have happened to the ball.

James Day, gave up his job as head teaching professional at Stoke Park club to set up Urban Golf. Day said “You’re not out in the fresh air, but in terms of hitting a golf shot, it’s very close (to the real thing) - I’m talking 98%.”

Edward Freedman, chairman of Urban Golf, added “You don’t have to travel miles away to go to a golf course. You can go for an hour and hit some balls.”

The simulator is also good for beginners, who can learn without the embarrassment of holding up other players on a course.

For more details click here http://www.urbangolf.co.uk

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