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By Jo Finzi

An exclusively Vietnamese perspective of contemporary art is to be exhibited at The Red Gallery in Dubai, from Saturday 10th to Sunday 25th March. pictureIt’s timetabled to coincide with the Gulf Art Fair and it’s The Red Gallery’s opening exhibition.  Entitled “A Peaceful Land” the show features three acclaimed Vietnamese artists Nguyen Thanh Binh, Le Thiet Cuong and Le Minh, all of whom will be on hand to discuss their work.

Nguyen Thanh Binh is well known for his works depicting female figures wearing the traditional Vietnamese white Ao Dai dress.  He also draws his inspiration from classical music and his daughter’s ballet classes. His paintings unveil meaningful images executed in simple, but poignant brush strokes. This will be Binh’s second exhibition in Dubai.

Le Thiet Cuong portrays life’s continual transformation by combining Buddhist ideals and the lessons of the I-Ching. Cuong manipulates many distinct symbols to create rich images that exhort us to mindfully and joyfully navigate life’s twists and turns.

Le Minh’s work is of contrasts - darkness opposed to brightness, solidity to emptiness, bright colours to dark ones. They either stand separately or intermingled with each other. All his works enable viewers to make their own interpretation from the murmured conversations between these opposites.

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