From the wild side

By Kim O’Hare

Fish bubbles pictureKiller whales just love a good feed of herring so they slap their tails and the shock waves literally daze the herring who then become easy prey for the Orcas.

But the institute of Natural Resources in Greenland has discovered the herring have their own unique defence mechanism.

Apparently a school of herring can sense the approach of a killer whale and they collectively release a cloud of bubbly flatulence which defeats the whales’ sonic echolocation mechanism.

Aside from rendering the whales’ sonic system inoperable, it probably doesn’t do much for their appetite either.


This is not the sort of image we tend to associate with the sleek and speedy cheetah…

They are known to reach speeds up to 100kph when in pursuit of prey but researchers have found out that speed really does kill, even in the animal kingdom.

A significant number of cheetahs are injured and killed each year running into things.

The injuries range from cuts and scrapes to lacerated stomachs. And the problem is getting worse as the cheetahs are moved to heavily forested reserves which pose more hazards than their native grasslands.

Dogged response

Man’s best friend has proven himself once again. When Kevin Weaver of Florida succumbed to a diabetic seizure, his bet beagle Belle came to the rescue.

With a supersensitive sense of smell, Belle had been trained to lick and sniff and was actually able to detect irregular blood-sugar levels in exhaled air.

Belle seized Weaver’s cell phone and bit down on the number 9, just as she had been trained. The digit had been programmed to speed dial 911, Weaver survived, Belle received a lifesaving award and they both lived happily ever after.

Nose for crime

But a pet owner in Utah won’t likely buy the “man’s best friend” idea. Nicholas Galanis was fleeing from police who wanted to question him about some stolen property.

As the police car sped after Galanis’ vehicle they could see his dog being thrown to and fro in the speeding car.

Apparently enough was enough; the dog turned on the felon and bit him in the face. When the police managed to overtake Galanis he was actually missing part of his nose, thanks to his pooch. 

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