Zodiac stone: Sagittarius

By Birgit E Sch├╝renberg

UAEasy.com pictureThe stones for the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius are turquoise, sapphire, blue topaz, amethyst and lapis lazuli. For this article I have singled out lapis lazuli. Please use our search box for previous articles if you would like to have insights into the healing properties of the other stones.

The colour of the lapis lazuli is a solid but vibrant dark blue. The gold coloured veins running through this crystal come from a mineral called pyrite. This crystal is called the stone of “Total Awareness” as it helps to expand awareness and intellectual capacity.

Lapis lazuli is an ancient gem, and its powers were known by the Babylonians, Assyrians, the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians created jewellery with lapis lazuli and used this crystal as a symbol of truth. It was the practice to bury a lapis lazuli scarab with their dead, as they believed it would offer protection.

To the Greeks the lapis lazuli was known as ancient sapphire and was often set with gold. 

UAEasy.com pictureThe lapis lazuli activates the throat chakra as well as the third eye chakra. In meditation it opens the third eye to higher guidance, intuition and connection to the higher self. It can also aid you developing insights into your dreams and may assist in past life recall. It balances the yin and yang energies. When worn over the heart, it connects heart and mind. 

Lapis lazuli organises the mind, helps with decision making and aids truthfulness in business.

It is said to have been one of the stones used on the breastplates of the high priests.

This crystal helps with physical ailments such as high blood pressure and imbalances of the thyroid. It eases sinus ailments, headaches, eye problems, nervous system imbalances, speech problems, pituitary gland problems and for pain relief.

It’s an important remedy for disorders of the throat and immune system and can activate the regenerative energies of the body. It also helps to build self-confidence.

It is a stone that protects from both physical and psychic attacks, heals emotional wounds and cleanses the auric field. Lapis lazuli is a very powerful stone and should be used carefully.

The stone can be found in Chile, the Soviet Union and the United States, but most significantly from the mountains of Afghanistan.

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