Birthstone: September

By Birgit E. Schürenberg

Sapphire, the birthstone for those born in September, is known as the stone of prosperity. To the ancient Greek the sapphire was known as the stone of intelligence, wisdom and faithfulness. pictureThe ancient Egyptians called the sapphire the stone of fidelity. Kings and bishops used sapphires for protection. In the middle-ages in Europe, the sapphire was one of the healing stones used in monasteries by abbots and nuns.

The sapphire is able to gently work on the nervous system, thus to aid stress related chronically diseases. Its energy has a cleansing effect on the lymphatic system and works on all levels connecting the mind with the soul. It is also said to bring joy to its wearer.

Sapphires are known for their mysterious deep blue, but the stones can also be green, yellow, purple, black and clear. Each colour has individual healing properties.

The blue sapphire is for peace of mind and clears unwanted thoughts. It’s a stone for mental clarity and concentration. The energies of the blue sapphire work mainly on the throat chakra thus aiding communicating and insight.

The green sapphire (also known as oriental emerald) stimulates the heart chakra and is known as the stone of fidelity. It may encourage you to remember dreams.

Rings made with sapphiresThe yellow sapphire (or oriental topaz) works on the solar plexus chakra. It can be used in treating imbalances of the stomach, spleen, gallbladder and liver. It may help with the detoxification of the body.

The purple sapphire (at times called oriental amethyst) enhances spirituality, intuition, clairaudience and inspiration. It can be used for meditation and prayer. It is said to bring peace and oneness to the user.

The star sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom, will and good luck.

The black sapphire helps to make you feel grounded and centred. It’s the sapphire of protection and helps the wearer to overcome challenges.

The clear sapphire stimulates the crown chakra and aids concentration.

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