Birthstone: November

by Birgit E. Sch├╝renberg

The topaz, birthstone for November, is known as the stone of “true love and success in all endeavours”. It’s a stone of trust and protection. The name topaz may originate from the Arabic topazos which means to find, as the stone has been found by inhabitants of the Red Sea isle of Topaz.

Some scholars trace the origin of the word topaz to the ancient Sanskrit word for fire, or tapas, a reference to its fiery orange colour. A topaz can also be pink, green, red, brown, gold, yellow, white, colourless or blue. pictureGolden topaz or imperial topaz - a yellowish transparent mineral - is the most powerful of the solar plexus healing stones.  A highly energising stone, it helps with mood swings and anger.

The topaz strengthens the nervous system and boosts the metabolism. It also works on the liver, gallbladder and pancreas to aid the body’s detoxification. It draws out negativity, exhaustion and tension. It also helps to balance the blood sugar levels.

In the twelfth century, Hildegard of Bingen recognised the healing powers of this stone (see below for more details).

The pink and champagne coloured topaz works particularly on the heart chakra for love and spiritual compassion.

Blue topaz is a wonderful stone for self expression and communication. It stimulates the throat chakra and helps with disorders of the throat such as laryngitis. It promotes spiritual and artistic growth and inspires leadership ability. It also improves psychic knowledge and psychic insight. It stimulates creative expression such as writing and painting

White helps you accept change and be open to the new. It works well on the lymphatic system, stomach and spleen. The white topaz energises all the chakras and strengthens the aura. It can also be used for meditation. In combination with clear quartz, the healing properties of the white topaz are amplified.

The topaz needs to be cleansed under running water and energised in the early morning sunlight.

Hildegard of Bingen

Born in 1098 in the Rheinhessen area of Germany. The tenth child of noble parents, she began having divinely inspired visions at the age of six and her parents entrusted her at the age of eight to a Benedictine sister, Jutta von Sponheim, at the Disibodenberg cloister near Kreuznach.

Here she eventually became a nun at the age of sixteen, and when Jutta died she was chosen to replace her as abbess.

Both devout and outspoken, Hildegard of Bingen was already “prominent” during her lifetime. As a prophet, mystic, natural therapist, lady doctor, crystal therapist, poet and musician she is probably the most interesting woman of the Middle Ages. She died in 1179.

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