Birthstone: March

by Birgit E. Schürenberg pictureAquamarine, the birthstone for March, is a clear blue gemstone. Its colour ranges from light blue to blue-green. Known metaphysically as the stone of courage and fortitude, the word aquamarine is derived from the Latin aqua marina, meaning seawater.

Man’s use of the stone goes back centuries - amulets dating back to 480BC have been found to contain aquamarine.

At one time the gem was considered to be the ‘’treasure of the mermaids’’ because it was believed the power of the stone increased when it was submersed in water. It’s said that aquamarine is attuned to the sea, helping make sailors fearless and protecting all travellers on water.

In ancient times, the Romans used the gem to cure laziness and promote courage. In the Middle Ages, it was said to grant foresight, insight and to cure insomnia.

The bluish aquamarine activates, cleanses and balances, with energy concentrated on the throat chakra. The stones of greener hue also work on the heart chakra. This means that the aquamarine calms communication issues and, by opening the throat chakra, helps the wearer to always speak with clarity and truth.

The aquamarine has a gentle flowing energy that helps to align the chakras and to balance the subtle and physical bodies, while shielding the aura. For those who are involved in spiritual development, it puts them in touch with the wisdom of their Higher Self.

The stone also helps you absorb information and use it to bring order to your life. It’s said to assist with quick intellectual response and to provide emotional and intellectual stability, so it’s a lovely stone to be worn on a daily basis.

Aquamarine is often used as a ‘’good luck’’ stone to bring feelings of peace, love, joy and happiness and helps ease depression and grief. It strengthens the immune system, endocrine system, thymus and lymph nodes, and is used in the balancing the thyroid.

The stone may aid judgmental people to become more tolerant, and it helps people take responsibility for own actions.

Most aquamarines are mined in Brazil, but the gem is also found in Argentina, China, India, Madagascar, Myanmar, Namibia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Northern Ireland, Norway, Russia, and the United States (Colorado).

It is believed that aquamarine has soothing effects on couples to help them work out differences to ensure a long and happy marriage.

Aquamarine is the anniversary gemstone for the 16th and the 19th year of marriage. picture

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