Birthstone: July

by Birgit E. Sch├╝renberg pictureAlthough the expression “ruby red” conjures up a particular image, the colour of rubies actually ranges from an orangey tone to a deep shade that’s almost purple.

The ruby, birthstone for July, is known as the stone of nobility, bringing integrity devotion and happiness. It promotes generosity as well as prosperity. Known as the queen of gems, the name ruby originates from the Latin word rubeus, meaning red.

Rubies are for romance, passion, love, confidence, loyalty, and courage. For centuries the stone has been used to cure and protect. Ancient cultures believed the ruby could cure ailments of the digestive system, energise the blood, and treat the heart.

Ruby is a great protector, with powers to safeguard the home, worldly possessions, children, and psychic aura. Warriors wore rubies into battle because of these protective qualities.

It’s also a stone of high energy and its intense power promotes healing on all levels. Because of this, high priests were said to use rubies as one of the stones in their breastplate.

The intense energy of the ruby works on both the root and heart chakras. It can be used for the removal of blocked energies in the reproductive system. It also strengthens the physical and emotional heart.

The ruby can help to purify the blood, as it boosts the action of the liver. It may also help with obesity and illnesses related to hormonal imbalances and the metabolism. It help rebalance blood sugar levels and helps to reduce negative thought patterns.

Rubies are useful at times of exhaustion or lethargy as they strengthen the immune system. They are also thought to be helpful for Alzheimer sufferers and people with heart ailments.

Rubies are mined in Siberia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Burma, but the Burmese rubies are considered to have the highest quality.

Ruby is the anniversary gemstone for the 15th and 40th year of marriage.

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