Birthstone: February

by Birgit E. Schuerenberg

The Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is a translucent stone than can range form purple to lavender. The amethysts with the deepest colours come from the mines of Siberia, Africa, Uruguay and Colorado. The most common is the medium purple amethyst found in Brazil. pictureThe amethyst communicates directly with the soul and works on all levels of body, mind and spirit. It is called the stone of meditation and visualisation. It aids spiritual upliftment, past-life recall and psychic ability. In crystal healing, the amethyst is used on the third eye and crown chakra.

As a stone of protection and purity it transmutes all negativity and clears the aura. Due to its fantastic properties it is good to keep one these beautiful amethyst geodes (pictured) in a room. Their energies will bring harmony into your home.

Amethysts give you a sober and calm mind. They are very useful for people engaged in constant and rigorous mental activities. The stone is known as nature’s tranquiliser due to its ability to relax the mind and the nervous system. Amethysts help keep away nightmares and aid in the treatment of insomnia. Some say they also help in reducing snoring.

They ease headaches, depression, anger, impatience and balance the pituary and pineal glands. Amethysts are used for ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. They are said to help people with diabetes to balance blood sugar levels. Amethysts help cleanse the blood and are famous from ancient times as a detoxifier and for balancing blood pressure.

The knowledge of the healing powers of the amethyst date back as far as the ancient Greeks, who believed that they could protect against the intoxicating effects of alcohol.

The word “amethyst” is of Greek origin and is translated as “amethystos” meaning sober or not intoxicated ("-methystos" is from “methyein” which means intoxicated, and “methy” means wine).

Amethysts need to be cleaned under running water and energised with haematite. The amethyst doesn’t like the sun. It can be given as a gift or symbol for 4th and 6th year wedding anniversaries. picture

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