Birthstone: August

By Birgit E. Schürenberg

August’s olive-coloured birthstone makes fabulous and exciting jewellery. Another name for the peridot is chrysolite a golden yellow variety – from the Greek for golden stone. Peridots are also known as olivines. pictureThe peridot has been greatly valued since ancient times. People in the Middle Ages wore the stone to gain foresight and divine inspiration. Legend has it that pirates favoured peridot to protect them against evil. The stone was greatly prized by Egyptian Kings, and some of Cleopatra’s emeralds were in fact peridots. The deposit on Saint John’s Island in the Red Sea, mentioned by Pliny in his Natural History (AD 70), still produces fine gems.

Peridot is associated with the heart chakra. In crystal work it can be used to balance and stimulate the heart chakra. It is known as the stone of compassion and can also bring abundance and prosperity.

It has a soft and friendly energy and is excellent for healing. It enhances the healing and harmony of relationships of all kinds especially marriage. Peridot can reduce stress, anger and jealous in relationships.

Most often its powers are said to help speech, by increasing eloquence, and removing stutters and speech impediments. The peridot is also thought to protect against enchantment and wizardry. Sometimes it’s used to help to find “lost” or “misplaced” things.

It may help to slow down the aging process and assist with digestive problems such as ulcers. The peridot strengthens the organs of chest and lungs and may help alleviate symptoms of asthma.

The stone also helps with the detoxification of the body by stimulating the liver, gall bladder and spleen. It strengthens the metabolism, and peridot directly worn on the skin may help with skin conditions such as dry skin, psoriasis and eczema. It’s also recommended as a cure for insomnia.

Peridot is said to strengthen ESP abilities. It has been said to make a shield of protection around the body of any wearer of Peridot.

Peridot should be removed from the body before any Chakra work, as it is said to place a “seal” around the Chakras . It’s especially good for healing the healers. It also assists in rebirth and renewal of all kinds.

Peridot is found in Australia, Brazil, China, Eygpt, Burma, Pakistan, Norway, and USA (Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, and New Mexico). Much of the today’s Peridot comes from Arizona. Very large crystals are found in the Mogok district of Myanmar and in the Minas Gerais in Brazil. picturePeridot has been mined from St John’s Island in the Red Sea for over 3,500 years. In 1994, an exciting new deposit of peridot was discovered in Pakistan, and these stones are among the finest ever seen.

Peridot is the anniversary gemstone for the 16th year of marriage.

Necklace designed by Birgit E. Schürenberg using peridot, amethyst and clear quartz

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