Watch your waist

By Jo Finzi

Now that the Eid, Christmas and New Year festivities are over for another 12 months, it’s time to take a look at how you measure up. pictureYour waist measurement is a key factor in keeping your heart healthy. According to US research, even a small amount of extra weight around the middle can be a sign of excess fat built up in the arteries, which increases your risk of a heart attack. The real danger area is a waist of 35 inches for a woman and 40 for a man.

So, for a happy and healthy new year, get the tape measure out, and if the result is not that good, get out and do some aerobic activity.

Suggestion: It’s a perfect time of year for being outdoors, so try out Dubai’s running and biking tracks on Jumeirah beach, left of the Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa

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