Shape up with Martin

Stuck with your shape? Time to change those eating patterns! Here are some healthy eating tips from local personal trainer Martin Foster

If you need to lose weight (or gain it), whether you want to get fit or just stay healthy, 60-70% of your success depends on how you eat. Exercise is incredibly important, but if you don’t have the nutrients in your body so it can repair and grow, the success that you’re craving will be extremely limited.

imageHow many people exercise year after year and never change? Sure, poor exercise programming and bad technique are partially responsible. But I can guarantee had these people been eating properly they would have looked and felt so much better.

Some experts are now saying that 80% of the illnesses that you contract as you get older are environmental. The way you look, think, feel, move and the quality of life is mostly down to what you do. A huge part of that picture involves eating.

A minimum of three meals per day is needed. Each meal must be balanced (proteins, carbs, fats) and each of those three must be healthy servings. Lean protein, preferably fish or chicken with low glycaemic carbohydrates and omega rich fats. That’s every meal. You can’t miss one and play catch up later - your body doesn’t work that way.

If you eat excessively one day, starving yourself the next won’t put your body back in balance. It will actually make it worse.

How many of you miss breakfast - the most important meal of the day? You wake up, get ready, have a coffee and go to work. For the rest of the day your body is in panic mode, even if you feed it later on.

Eating this way slows down your metabolism and makes your body hold on to fat. Muscle starts to be used for energy instead of fat and the repair process, which should be ongoing, in this case simply isn’t going anywhere!

Short term prognosis? When you’re young, you’ll just look and feel less than 100%. As you get older (40s plus) your body naturally starts to fall apart. Couple this with incorrect eating and you are speeding the process up, and quicker than you think.

Exercise is incredibly important. But if you’re overweight, and you don’t know why, the first thing to do is this one experiment. Keep an eating diary. Write down everything you eat and drink and the time - then book a consultation with an expert. I promise, almost everything you do is going to be wrong – either the wrong food or the wrong time (or both).

For a very little time and a relatively small investment you will not only look better and be healthier, you may even live longer. So stop wasting even more time and start now. It’s never too late!

For further help on fitness and weight loss contact Martin on 050 6888684.

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