Ready for beaut camp?

If you’re planning to be in London this summer, we can recommend a fitness programme that’s the talk of Hollywood. pictureStraight from Los Angeles, Beautcamp Pilates is a revolutionary concept that combines traditional Pilates with elements of circuit training.

State-of-the-art Allegro Reformers offer the ultimate zero gravity technique, combining a highly intense cardiovascular workout with specific strength, core and flexibility exercises. 
It’s full body conditioning to the max, and promotes weight loss, total muscle toning, defined abs and increased flexibility. 

Famous fans of Beautcamp Pilates include Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Hurley, Madonna, Jewel and Natasha McElhone.

Men only

Beautcamp Pilates is also proving a firm favourite with the men. Ben Stiller is one of the latest LA converts, and the Beautcamp London studios are also offering men only classes this summer. (No desperate housewives allowed!)

Male strength uses entirely different elements from the female equivalent. While most men think Pilates is all about women on mats breathing and puffing, this technique proves there’s much more to it. pictureIt’s an intensive programme designed to build core strength. It works the deep stabiliser muscles around the spine to promote balance, and the mobiliser muscles for greater movement. Not only does it make you look great, it also enhances performance in football, rugby, and joint rotation sports such as tennis.

Men Only classes are every Monday and Thursday from 8.30 – 9.30pm and on Saturday from 2–3pm.

How to book

Beautcamp Pilates is so popular that there’s now a waiting list for many classes. If you’re interested in trying a class, there’s a live online booking service available ( The studio address is Unit 11, Westbourne Studios, 242 Acklam Road, London W10 5JJ. Tel: 020 7524 7510

What the press says picture“The exercise equivalent of a quickie this put a spring in my step for days after.” 9/10 – Top Sante, July 2006

“Never before has so much pain felt so good. Beautcamp Pilates is London’s new it exercise… - you will never have felt, or looked better afterwards.” Vogue Online, June 2006

“It may be a Pilates based exercise but it’s a fast, LA developed, results-driven version designed to drive up the heart rate as well as hone Pilates classes go it’s heretical but I loved it.” 4/5* - Alice Hart Davis, Evening Standard, 31 May 2006

“….Hot, toned, body, fast” – May 2006, Tatler Magazine

“Combines Pilates stretches with a series of interval training drills… a hot workout” The Independent, 22nd January 2006.

"Celebrity devotees such as Nicole Kidman obviously pay to be abused” 14th January 2006, The Daily Telegraph

“It’s official. In grove, yoga is out, pilates is in...many are defecting to this latest alternative. The Grove magazine, January 2006

Top choices

Evening Standard named Beautcamp Pilates as one of the top five Pilates techniques in London - 14th March 2006

Sadie Frost chooses Beautcamp as her workout of choice – March 2006, Glamour Magazine

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