Put the boot in

By Jo Finzi

UAEasy.com pictureFeel like a fitness programme that’s a real challenge, but great fun? Why not try a bootcamp.

There are a few bootcamps in and around the area, which we’ll be trying out over the next few months. If you fancy taking part in one yourself, here’s a couple of options…

One of the companies offering such events is Ignite Fitness and Wellness. They recently relaunched their GI Jane Bootcamp which is a women-only course specifically targeting the typical female problem areas like hips, bums and tums. The bootcamp is held at 9am Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Safa Park in Dubai and each bootcamp covers a four week period.

The military bootcamps are held at Umm Sequeim and Jumeirah Beach Residences open beaches, Safa Park and Palm Jumeirah Shoreside.

Ignite have regular promotions for taster sessions, special discounts and packages. For details, contact 04 3050844 or visit their web site at http://www.ignite-wellness.com. You can also send an e-mail to info@ignite-wellness.com

Another company offering the bootcamp experience in the Emirates is Fitness02, which provides camps for all levels of experience run by military-style trainers, as well as personal training and other sports events.

You can find more information by calling 04 3951930, e-mail info@fitness02.com or visit the web site at http://www.fitness02.com.

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