Club fits the bill

By Martin Foster

One thing Dubai has plenty of is health clubs. Most of them are at best average and that’s being extremely generous. Very few are good.

My initial impression of Fitness First was that of a large health club with little in the way of atmosphere. But first impressions haven’t always been my strong point.

Introducing myself at reception and stating my reasons for visiting caused mild confusion. Eventually I was allowed to look around before being sent on my way.

Walking on to the gym floor you are met with an extremely impressive array of cardio machines. I doubt if you will ever be waiting for a machine no matter how busy the gym might be.

The music was good and motivating - making the workout hopefully less tedious. If that isn’t your cup of tea you can keep yourself occupied by watching what seems like every TV channel in existence.

Walking a little further on, you come to the kinesis area. These are machines devised by techno gym. My first hand experience on this equipment is zero but apparently it’s an overall workout that targets not only conditioning but also incorporates balance, flexibility and posture.

Next up is the free weight area, which is impressive not only in variety of equipment but also in the amount of actual weight that you can use.

For those of you who are into group training, Fitness First has over eighty classes a week. Everything from Bodypump, Bodycombat, Rpm you name it. Having spoken to several people who have tried out these sessions, you won’t be disappointed.

Upstairs you have a relaxation area. You can sit down and have a drink, read, play on a PlayStation (really) or just relax. If you want to expand your fitness knowledge there are over 500 fitness DVDs for hire. Nice.

The changing areas are very good and spacious. Just what’s needed after a tough session in the gym.

Finally - the trainers. I don’t have any knowledge or experience of how good they are except one (Bosco) who I know to be good. I doubt though, considering everything else about the gym, that they wouldn’t be up to par.

First impression - not sure. Second impression - very good. But don’t take my word for it - go and have a look.

  • Fitness First is a members fitness club, with classes only available to members. For more details about Fitness First at Ibn Battuta, call 04 3669933.
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