Beach body boot camp

By Jo Finzi

There’s just time to boot yourself into shape before the 14th, so what are you waiting for? Here’s a couple of boot-camp ideas to burn those calories and tone those flabby bits in just 45 minutes. So find yourself an open space, then go for it!

First, warm up your muscles by three sets of sideways neck bends, followed by three sets of looking over your shoulder in each direction. pictureDo three sets of shoulder raises on each side, rotating each one forward in turn, then repeat the other way, followed finally by three straight up towards the ears with both together.

Straighten arms out to the sides and rotate five times in each direction.

Keeping the body straight ahead, bend sideways from the waist, keeping lower half of the body still. Do five sets slowly and smoothly.

March on the spot for 40 steps, then stretch out your calf and hamstring muscles.

Now for the workout…

Side strides - bound sideways using the largest jumps you can manage. Do 20 metres in one direction, then back. Repeat one more time.

Squat jumps - start off squatting then jump into the air and land back into a squat. Repeat 15 times.

Single leg step-ups - keeping one foot on a bench, step up with the other foot, then down again. Repeat 20 times on each side, then repeat the whole exercise once more

Press-ups - with your hands on a bench, straighten your torso and legs, keeping your shoulders on the same line as your hands. Lower yourself using your arms, while keeping your stomach and thighs tight. Do 15-20 if you can. Rest and repeat twice more.

Triceps dip - Sit on the edge of a bench and place hands on the bench close to your sides on the edge of the seat with your fingers pointing towards your toes. Shuffle your feet away from you until they are both about 50cm from the bench. Lift yourself off and away from the bench and lower your body towards the floor, then back up, but without sitting down again. Repeat 15-20 times. Rest and repeat once more.

Ab crunches on a bench - Balancing your bottom on the edge of a bench, crunch your body into a ball then straighten without touching down. Repeat 15-20 times.

Sprint up - Find a 40m long hill (not so easy) or a flight of 40 steps (easier to find) and run up at 90 per cent of capacity, then walk down slowly. Repeat 6-10 times.

Lunges - take 20 large lunging strides. Repeat 3 times

Half pull ups - ( need to find a suitable rail) find a rail high enough for you to get your arms straight below it. With feet on the ground pull the weight of your body withn your arms towards the bar. Repeat 10 to 20 times. Rest and repeat twice more.

Run for it - run for a full five minutes.

Cool down using the same exercises as for the warm up.

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