Best feet first

By Jo Finzi

Are your feet are letting your image down? It’s time to ditch those all-covering shoes or trainers and slip your feet into a sexy pair of sandals. Here a few tips to help them look good - and stay that way. picture* Soak feet regularly in a salt bath to help improve circulation and control bacteria.

* Have a weekly massage to encourage blood flow to nourish skin and toenails.

* Stick to natural fibres on feet and expose them to the air for a short period each day.

* Spread and wiggle toes in the bath to liven up inert feet.

* Care for your feet as you do your face - exfoliate once a week and moisturise regularly.

* Add milk to soften water in a footbath.

* Always dry carefully and avoid moisturising between toes.

* Before painting toenails, clean them with polish remover and apply a clear base coat to prevent nails from discolouring.

Scrub off dry skin gently.

* Be extra careful softening and cutting cuticles on toenails, which grow twice as fast as on hands.

If you have problem feet, specialist ranges help you cope with corns, callouses, bunions, blisters, verrucas, athlete’s foot and ingrown toenails, but it does pay to get expert advice from a pharmacist or chiropodist.

Walking in sand is great exercise for feet.

Instant fix

Here’s the easy way to get your feet looking fabulous for summer without spending a fortune on a pedicure.

Difficulty: Easy. Time Required: 20 minutes

1.  Soak your feet in warm water for about ten minutes.

2.  Pat feet dry. Don’t forget between the toes.

3.  Clip toenails straight across. Or, if you would rather, use an emery board (but wait until toenails are completely dry).

4.  Using pumice stone, remove any rough areas from your heels.

5.  Massage cuticle area with a little oil or moisturiser.

6.  Gently push back cuticles.

7.  Apply foot lotion and massage into each foot.

8.  Remove any excess lotion.

9.  If you wish to apply polish follow the procedure below.

10.  Clean nails with polish remover, then use a base coat and let it dry thoroughly. Then put a small amount of polish on your brush; paint one stroke down the centre of your nail. Your brush should hold just enough colour to accomplish this. Stroke the sides of the nail and you are done.

11.  Wait until polish is set (dry to the touch) and then apply the top coat. Don’t skip this step as it not only adds life to your pedicure, it will protect your nails as well.

12.  Sanitise all of your equipment with alcohol and when it’s dry, store away until the next manicure or pedicure.

Nail polish can be stored in the fridge.
To prevent the cap from sticking, coat it with a little Vaseline.

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