Beauty on the move

By Jo Finzi

Are you travelling this month? In that case, you’re probably going to be rushing around and forgetting all those important beauty extras. Here’s a few tips to keep you looking bright eyed, and looking good on your summer vacation.

Eyes right pictureWe all have laughter lines, but even outdoors you can avoid deep wrinkles by applying a light eye cream or even better, eye gel, using gentle patting action all around the orbital bones.

When you’re out and about, don’t screw up eyes to shield out the suns rays - invest in a good pair of sunglasses and wear them!

Here’s a few hints for last minute eye revival....

Refrigerate your eye gel before use.

Invest in a good concealer, and use after a late night to brighten eye area. Pat on with finger gently a small amount at a time.

Wake skin up in the morning by applying a very cold, wet flannel for a few minutes.

Helping hands

Skin on the hands is delicate and dries out easily, so the key is protect your hands before you get them wet. It’s so easy to apply sunscreen all over and forget your hands.

Even before you leave your hotel room you can give your hands a boost by using a handcream which contains an added sun-screen… and always use a barrier cream before washing your swimming things!


How many of you remember your face cream but forget your neck? The skin on your neck is actually more sensitive than the skin on your face, so it needs extra care. Always apply a moisturiser to the neck using gentle, upward strokes to avoid pulling.

If you’re planning a day outdoors, avoid spraying perfume on your neck, as sunlight can activate it causing irritation.

Skin deep

Did you know that skin is relatively thin at birth, increasing in thickness during childhood?

In our early 20s the thickness of our skin gradually begins to decline and by the time a woman reaches her fifties the skin in thinning quite abruptly.

The sun is the skin’s worst enemy and sun-worshippers almost always appear visibly older than their non-sun lover contemporaries. So get that suncream out and use it!

Top-up tip

It’s great to sample local cuisine when you travel, and wash it down with the local brew. But remember - tea, coffee and alcohol all have a dehydrating effect on the skin.

If you do indulge, always drink a large glass of water before bedtime to re-hydrate the skin.

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