Beauty inside and out

By Jo Finzi

Spring is great time to detox - and it also helps you lose that extra weight in time for summer.

The key is to increase fibre to aid digestion, add enzymes to cleanse your liver, and rehydrate with nutrient rich foods that have a high liquid level.

Here are ten of the best pictureThe Husks and Seeds

1. Psyllium. Rich in super soluble fibre, this husk will help control cholesterol, mop up toxins and cleanse your colon. It’s available at any health food store. It comes in different forms. But with all psyllium you need to drink plenty of water for maximum benefit.

2. Sesame seeds. They’re good for your liver cells and protect against the effects of alcohol and other chemicals. For a healthy dip, try tahini, the delicious sesame seed paste, or try a za’ata croissant for br4eakfast, filled with healthy herbs and topped with a liberal coating of sesame seeds.

The Fruits

3. Lemons and Limes. Add to warm water to kick-start your day, or drink whenever you feel thirsty. Packed with vitamin C, lemon/lime juice helps make toxins water-soluble so they can be flushed away. Add a little honey if you need to sweeten the juice.

4. The other fruits. They will build up your vitamin C levels, add vital fibre, with a side order of antioxidants - and they all taste great.

The Greens

5. Broccoli. This clever cruciferate promotes cancer-fighting, enzyme-stimulating activity. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says it’s the top food to prevent colon cancer - and the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston found that that broccoli, along with spinach, helped minimise the risk of cataracts. Eat it raw, boil it lightly, or steam it.

6. Green, leafy vegetables. Eat them raw, add to a broth, or better still juice them. Their chlorophyll cleans away environmental toxins (heavy metals, pesticides) and protects your liver.

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