New light for the new year

By Dr Pradeep Ulal

It is widely accepted by healers and therapists that we are energy in solid form and this understanding is the basis of all healing.

If we are free from disease, then there is perfect balance within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Unfortunately, though, this is rarely the case. We live in a world which can seem almost to encourage stress and generally unhealthy ways of living and being. pictureIs it any wonder that our bodies react by becoming unbalanced, if not by shutting down completely? This is even before we consider how much “baggage” we may be carrying from our past lives, which may still be attached to us in energy form. That’s why it’s no coincidence that healers and therapists are in great demand, since there is much work to do to help people bring themselves into harmony.

The seventh cosmic ray

No matter what form of healing or therapy you practise, I would like to suggest that this work can be greatly enhanced by adding to it the amazing energy of the Violet Ray.

This is the seventh cosmic ray which emanates from the source known as The Great Central Sun; God; All that is; and Divine consciousness. Ascended Master St Germain, chohan of this ray, who will oversee the next 2,000 years of the Aquarian Age, is asking that as many people as possible use this spiritual tool.

Some practitioners may already be familiar with it but some may not be fully aware of its potential to affect positively any number of situations. The Violet Ray, or Flame, as it is often called, transmutes low vibrational energy and transforms it into light or pure high vibrational energy.

It can be invoked to heal mind, body and soul as well as sticky problems in everyday life. Basically, wherever change is needed, then think of the violet flame.

I am currently working with healers and therapists to demonstrate the potency of the violet flame - they are learning for themselves at first hand the importance of St Germain’s message.

In our sessions the edge of a healer’s auric field is first dowsed. Once this is established, the person then calls in the violet flame either by using words or through visualisation and the field is measured again. It nearly always doubles in size.

A massive spring clean

The implications are soon realised: an enhanced, vibrant aura, a boost to the immune system and a clearing of spiritual healing channels. It is as if we are given a massive spring clean and we are able to function more effectively.

One healer who invoked the violet flame for the first time described the experience in the following way: “After the violet flame there was an enormous surge of energy. The difference was as clear as between black and white… there was a ball of pins and needles energy in my hands.”

It’s easy to see how this can be taken a stage further, to the person receiving the healing or therapy. If they are willing to invoke the violet flame beforehand, then their own energy field is also spring cleaned. This means the healing or therapy will penetrate to a much deeper level and more quickly.

Here are the words of one person who was given healing after calling on the violet flame: “I felt static around my head. I then saw to the right of me, at head level, a clear sphere with electricity in it. I felt I was resisting the power, not willing to integrate it into myself. I felt very tearful and wanted to surrender.” I am sure we all recognise here the signs of a powerful healing session.

It can be used by anyone

The wonder of the violet flame is that it can be used by anyone on a daily basis and not just at healing or therapy sessions.

If we invoke it as part of our morning and/or evening routines, then we cleanse ourselves, freeing us from unwanted elements picked up during the day or night. The effects are immediate and the energy remains with us for anything up to 12 hours. And the more we use the violet flame, the more its energy accumulates in our auric field.

For those wishing to accelerate their own personal ascension programme, this therefore is a most valuable tool. pictureThere are also many practical instances where you can bring in the violet flame, such as in car breakers’ yards, tunnels, cities, shops, hospitals, doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries, pubs, traffic jams and accidents, landfills… to name but a few.

In fact, wherever there is a situation that is giving off low vibrational energy, then use the violet flame to prevent it attracting to itself even more such energy. This will help deter further areas of disease from developing for Mother Earth and consequently for ourselves.

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