Violet Flame Healing pictureSpiritual fire is not just symbolic. It’s something that you can experience in your own life.

If you draw down the violet light, and focus it on a specific problem, it acts as a flame. It’s like sunlight passing through a magnifying glass causing a piece of paper beneath it to burst into flame.

The powerful energy of the flame can “burn up” all that stands in the way of your spiritual progress and the healing of the earth.

Using meditation and exercises, you can draw the violet flame through your body, mind and soul and begin to feel lighter and lighter.

First visualise negative energy that lodged in the spaces between the electrons of your body. Then image them being loosened by the high-vibrating energy of the violet flame and being consumed by it.

As the electrons are freed of negative substance, they begin to whirl faster. Their vibration gets higher and higher, and so does yours.

Dr Pradeep Ullal
(personal consultancy -
Raja Yoga, Himalayan tradition of yoga & meditation)
601. Easa Saleh Al Gurg (opposite Sea Shell Inn hotel)
Bur Dubai
Mob: 050 5538217

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