Shen Therapy

SHEN is an acronym for Specific Human Emotional Nexus. Energy healing methods similar to SHEN can be traced back to Greek and Egyptian times. The basic physio-emotional release techniques that SHEN therapists use today were developed 30 years ago by Richard Pavek, an American researcher.

During a SHEN session you may experience emotions related to memories of past events or you may gain clarity about situations that were bothering you. SHEN is highly effective in helping you with low self esteem, blocked emotions, phobias, anxiety, depression, grief, abuse or when you feel you are stuck in your life and just can’t seem to move forward.

During a session you lie fully clothed on a special SHEN cradle. The therapist will place her hands over or lightly on your body for approximately one hour. You may feel tingling or other sensations as the energy moves through your body.

Many report that relationships with family, friends and at work improved as their inner conflicts resolved with SHEN. Others report that their negative behavioural patterns ended as their emotional pain cleared with SHEN. Most found they had more energy as the weight of their emotional past lifted. For more information visit

Janet Deeb
(USA registered SHEN Therapist (Intern)
Tel: 050 6269765

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