Rebirthing is a healing process that focusses the mind, the body and the spirit on cleansing away toxic patterns of being and facilitating new, healthy and fulfilling goals and choices. It’s a breathing technique, with the objective of the rebirth of the personality through the integration of suppressed experience.

image Indian yogic breathing practices have been known for millennia – both the kind which are control-oriented and designed for mastery of the body, and others, such as tantric yoga, which have developed to stimulate and explore the body’s potential. In more recent times, Otto Rank, a contemporary and friend of Freud, spoke of birth experiences as being paramount, with the capacity to greatly influence later life. 

The concept of duality so well understood in the East is repeated in the rebirthing model of suppression. Parts of the person, anger or grief for example, are first ‘made bad’ in a dualistic process, then split off from consciousness in order to make changes.

Rebirthing as we know it today, was developed by Leonard Orr in San Francisco in the early 1970s. While breathing in bathtubs and hot-tubs, he discovered the principle of breath and its connection with conscious birth memories. He found that this technique could be practiced anywhere.

In the early days of rebirthing, the main focus was on dealing with issues connected with a person’s birth. This expanded later to include the integration of painful material from any period in life, and the question of how it was suppressed in the first place. An experienced practitioner will help you focus on the correct breathing techniques, and guide you through the process of reclaiming, proclaiming and acclaiming yourself. The objective is an experience of personal inspiration.

Beryl Comar MA, MEd., CHt
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Esmeralda H. Robinson
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House of Chi
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Mala Jayshree Jham
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Sudha Madhuri Devi
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