Phoenix Rising Yoga

Phoenix Rising Yoga was created by Michael Lee specifically to help people cope with their emotions. It combines assisted yoga postures, breath awareness, and nondirective dialogue, in which the therapist acts as a sounding board using repetition techniques.

Lee drew inspiration from his own encounter with emotions while he was living in an ashram in the 1980s. He helped a fellow classmate overcome feelings of great sadness by talking with the man extensively about his experiences. In helping him, he created Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

He launched the program at the DeSisto School for emotionally troubled teens in Lenox, Massachusetts, in 1986, building on his background in group dynamics from the psychology movements of the 1970s.

Practised by yoga teachers, bodyworkers, physical therapists, and psychologists, the method aims to bridge the gap between body and mind.

Unlike traditional therapy - which might focus on eliminating a phobia or improving a skill, such as communication between spouses - Phoenix Rising sessions focus on helping people recognise their own body’s wisdom and get to the source of emotions that may be causing aches and pains, physical or otherwise.

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Jan Maddern
(personal consultancy- Phoenix Rising Yoga
& Phoenix Rising Stress Management)

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