Historically, iridology seems to have appeared, disappeared, and then reappeared in various places and times. It seems to have been studied in ancient Egypt and Sumeria.

imageHippocrates and Philostratus certainly used Iridology and, more recently, it’s benefits were rediscovered in the early 1800s by Ignatz von Peczely of Hungary.

Iridology is the study of the exposed nerve endings that make up the coloured part of the eye - all of which are connected to the brain.

On a parallel with reflexology, where the practitioner can feel the abnormalities of the reflex nerve endings, a trained iridologist, can actually see a detailed map of these nerve endings, revealing a veritable microchip of information. The information is used as means of understanding health and disease (or pathology) conditions.

While the science, in modern times, began with a focus on the physical body and its topography, later research has included the more recent discoveries of emotional, mental, psychic, and other qualities. Qualified practitioners appear able to make a significant contribution to helping the patient to understand those parts of the body which need attention.

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