Hippocrates (460BC) and Samual Hahnemann (1796) are credited with developing the homeopathic principle.

imageIt’s a natural pharmaceutical science that utilises substances from the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms. It is based on the premise that these naturally occurring substances can cure disease symptoms similar to those they produce if taken in overdose.

Patients are classified according to constitutional types, each of which shares the name of a remedy. Calcium Carbonica types are quiet, cautious, slightly obsessive and often overweight. Phosphorous types are fun-loving and kind, but do not cope well under pressure.

The homeopathic physician treats disease using minute doses of natural substances that would, in a healthy person, elicit the symptoms of the disease being treated.

In 1988 the French scientist Jacques Benveniste was given the task of disproving the theory of homeopathy, but ended up doing the opposite – finding that even when diluted to the point of disappearance the dilution still affected living cells.

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