imageSome of the history and uses of crystals are detailed under Crystal Healing. As well as their healing properties, crystals are an attractive and energy giving addition to any room.

If you decide to purchase crystals for your own use, here are some tips about taking care of them.

You should never let anyone touch your crystals. Each crystal should be cleansed before use to clear any stored energy by either soaking it or burying it in the ground.

Soaking should be done at room temperature. Soak the crystal in one cup of sea salt dissolved in one quart of purified or spring water in a glass bowl. Meditate and ask that the crystal be cleared. Soak from 15 minutes to one full day depending upon how many people have touched the stone. Rinse under cool water and dry with cotton or silk.

An alternative is burying. First, wrap the crystal in cotton, silk, or linen and bury it in a place you feel comfortable. Leave for at least 24 hours before use. 

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