Colour Therapy

Colour therapy helps to boost the immune system and to promote healing from within.

imageColour is used in hospitals in the choice of green gowns (harmony and healing) and light blue rooms (calmness and coolness). Prisons use pink as it reduces aggression, and yellow is used in schools to stimulate learning.

By rebalancing the colour energy in the body, we can return it to a state of harmonious functioning, regain balance in our lives and create a feeling of wellbeing. When this happens many ailments disappear naturally as the immune system improves. While colour can be used to fight problems in the physical body, its most important long lasting contribution is in the area of emotional and mental disorders.

Colour therapists will use a number of techniques to determine the individual needs in a treatment session. They may use special lamps and coloured filters, and the person being treated will be exposed to the colours that they need for a certain amount of time. The complementary colours will also be used.

Advice may also be given for incorporating the colours you need into your diet, home environment, workplace and clothing. Colour breathing and visualisations will also be recommended.

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